Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today i am grateful for...

1. Call from mum.
Her voice was so clear it felt like she was right next to me eventhough she is thousands of miles away.

2. Momo's love.
My eternal puppy who sat in my lap all day while I work.

3. Wanmei's mum
My best friend's mum who came to our "office" and made us a delicious lunch.

4. Miru
Our lovely and beautiful new intern who is bringing her light to our cosy office.

5. Rod
Who shared his noodles with me today.

6. Summer Fruits
Deeelish cherries for dessert

7. Wanmei
Cos she is my best friend and makes me laugh all the time

For un-stiffening me.

9. Email from Joyce
She is the lovelies flattie i ever had. And now we have again tracked down each other after 6 yrs.

10. Government Support for small business.
Especially during these challenging times.

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