Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Abundance is a mindset

During the last 2 weeks, i created a couple of games.

Game one : to fall in love with my home and my neighbourhood.
I made friends with a fruiter, her husband and her mother-in-law. Instead of buying something and rushing off, checking if they ripped me off a cherry or two, i took to asking them to pick my fruit for me. i asked their name, i say hi when i walk by. now, they have become my special fruit friends. : )

i took an old watch with a cracked glass, a watch my mother gave me in highschool, to the local watch fixer. I was grateful for how nice and new my watch is when he returned it to me. He gave me a discount on a new leather strap. Now i say hi to him too as i walk by his store. when i brought my cheap mao watch, a china souvinir, to him, he oiled it and tuned it and didnt want any money.

I took my old boots to be fixed by a lovely cobbler in the lanes in Central. She and i chatted as she looked over my shoes. She told me she can help make ill fitting shoes fit. Esp if they are a size too large. Wow. i had no idea the possibilities. She has restrap my sandles, re heeled my heels, and put a brand new zipper in my maroon flat boots. Ah... 3 pairs of "new" shoes!

I took an old bag to my tailor and some old jackets, one i wore to my first job interview. Mrs Yong said she will have it all fitting me again and updated in no time! She will even fix the broken strap in my old messenger bag which was a pressie from Rod a few years ago. Joy!

Game 2: Wear everything i havent wore for a while and fix what needed fixing

I am creating new capsule wardrobes everyweek and having fun putting outfits together. too much choice is a killer. so now i take 3 or 4 key peices i wantto wear and work around it in new ways! i got this idea from when i went on vacation and had such a fun time dressing from what i had in my suitcase. it was fun and not stressful like usual.

And when i did that i realised i had all these stuff waiting to be fixed that has been out of action for a while. Now, when i get dressed in the morning, i feel like i just shopped and has all these fun new things to wear.

So, i love my home (which i am slowly fixing), i love my neighbours and i love all the new old things! Abundance is everywhere!

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