Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i get to play!

today i rushed home to attend an investment webinar on Tax Lien.
but when i tried to log on by going to the site, there was no webinar link!
So rather than be upset, i am creating playtime on my computer....while i wait for my hubby to come home for dinner.

playtime is precious. Playtime is simple. Playtime is pure joy.
this is what i am so grateful to have today.

so, i surfed my fav designs blogs like I have been reading Holly for a while and i really appreciate her honest, fun, bright and passionate blog about so many aspects of wonderful designs that enhances our lives.

i saw a picture in my fav Australian home decor magazine InsideOut today and it really inspired me! so i am creating a speedy art project after i finish posting.

then i am creating playtime in the kitchen preparing some brocolli in the fridge for dinner.

i pre-expressed gratitude for a great night sleep, as i had not been sleeping well the last couple of night.

its Esther's birthday today! Happy Birthday Esther. hugs and kisses to you.

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