Sunday, July 19, 2009

Surprise Day

Pas created that we will have a Surprise Day. The plan is i know nothing about the plan and just show up. Pas is one of those amazing beautiful souls that is 1000% committed to people feeling loved, fully alive and living a life they love. she and i both believe play, joy, fun is as essential as air. she, however is much better at being present to it than me.

my first surprise of the day was getting to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in the comfort of the director's club cinema. where we had a super comfy and roomy couch, we got to put our feet up, was served pop corn, sandwich and a lovely drink.

the second surprise of the day was our delightful window shopping excursions in the lovely Princes Building where we looked at beautiful homeware and furnishings. I got such a feast of beauty than felt more satiating than candy for a sweet-tooth.

we ended the surprise day with a leisurely hightea at the Mandarin Oriental's Clippers Lounge. the scones were fluffy, the tea refreshing, the finger sandwiches nibble-lisious and the cakes heavenly.

we had the most amazing conversation, the most sparkling giggles, the loudest cackle.

everyone should be constantly creating loving surprises for those they love. surprises nutures and lights up our soul. this is as true for those planning it and for those receiving it.

today i am grateful for a wonderful friend like pas, for her love of people, the joy of surprises, the magic of connection and the heartfelt conversation we shared.

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