Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brotherly blessing

i have the best bro in the world
my 2 sisters and 1 brother are some of my favourite people in the world.
he is brilliant, funny, hard-working, supportive and an amazing friend
Cal constantly inspires me and have me feel so proud
i wish you the best that life has to offer

I am so grateful to have a brother like calvin.

Monday, July 27, 2009

furry little angel being

rod and i have a really beautiful, sweet natured and ultra intelligient long hair Chihuahua name momo.

momo is my little angel. She weights about 2.6kg and when i say lets go work work, she knows its time to jump into her bag so she can go to work with me.

i usually she sits on my lap most of the day. its her fav spot.
if she is not sitting on me, she is sitting by me.

she radiates miraculous love around her.
she anchors me that love is the central thing to life.
she reminds me that happiness is being with the people important to us.
she is the embodiment of unconditional love.
i am so grateful Momo choose us to be her parents.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Abundance is a mindset

During the last 2 weeks, i created a couple of games.

Game one : to fall in love with my home and my neighbourhood.
I made friends with a fruiter, her husband and her mother-in-law. Instead of buying something and rushing off, checking if they ripped me off a cherry or two, i took to asking them to pick my fruit for me. i asked their name, i say hi when i walk by. now, they have become my special fruit friends. : )

i took an old watch with a cracked glass, a watch my mother gave me in highschool, to the local watch fixer. I was grateful for how nice and new my watch is when he returned it to me. He gave me a discount on a new leather strap. Now i say hi to him too as i walk by his store. when i brought my cheap mao watch, a china souvinir, to him, he oiled it and tuned it and didnt want any money.

I took my old boots to be fixed by a lovely cobbler in the lanes in Central. She and i chatted as she looked over my shoes. She told me she can help make ill fitting shoes fit. Esp if they are a size too large. Wow. i had no idea the possibilities. She has restrap my sandles, re heeled my heels, and put a brand new zipper in my maroon flat boots. Ah... 3 pairs of "new" shoes!

I took an old bag to my tailor and some old jackets, one i wore to my first job interview. Mrs Yong said she will have it all fitting me again and updated in no time! She will even fix the broken strap in my old messenger bag which was a pressie from Rod a few years ago. Joy!

Game 2: Wear everything i havent wore for a while and fix what needed fixing

I am creating new capsule wardrobes everyweek and having fun putting outfits together. too much choice is a killer. so now i take 3 or 4 key peices i wantto wear and work around it in new ways! i got this idea from when i went on vacation and had such a fun time dressing from what i had in my suitcase. it was fun and not stressful like usual.

And when i did that i realised i had all these stuff waiting to be fixed that has been out of action for a while. Now, when i get dressed in the morning, i feel like i just shopped and has all these fun new things to wear.

So, i love my home (which i am slowly fixing), i love my neighbours and i love all the new old things! Abundance is everywhere!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Surprise Day

Pas created that we will have a Surprise Day. The plan is i know nothing about the plan and just show up. Pas is one of those amazing beautiful souls that is 1000% committed to people feeling loved, fully alive and living a life they love. she and i both believe play, joy, fun is as essential as air. she, however is much better at being present to it than me.

my first surprise of the day was getting to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in the comfort of the director's club cinema. where we had a super comfy and roomy couch, we got to put our feet up, was served pop corn, sandwich and a lovely drink.

the second surprise of the day was our delightful window shopping excursions in the lovely Princes Building where we looked at beautiful homeware and furnishings. I got such a feast of beauty than felt more satiating than candy for a sweet-tooth.

we ended the surprise day with a leisurely hightea at the Mandarin Oriental's Clippers Lounge. the scones were fluffy, the tea refreshing, the finger sandwiches nibble-lisious and the cakes heavenly.

we had the most amazing conversation, the most sparkling giggles, the loudest cackle.

everyone should be constantly creating loving surprises for those they love. surprises nutures and lights up our soul. this is as true for those planning it and for those receiving it.

today i am grateful for a wonderful friend like pas, for her love of people, the joy of surprises, the magic of connection and the heartfelt conversation we shared.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i get to play!

today i rushed home to attend an investment webinar on Tax Lien.
but when i tried to log on by going to the site, there was no webinar link!
So rather than be upset, i am creating playtime on my computer....while i wait for my hubby to come home for dinner.

playtime is precious. Playtime is simple. Playtime is pure joy.
this is what i am so grateful to have today.

so, i surfed my fav designs blogs like I have been reading Holly for a while and i really appreciate her honest, fun, bright and passionate blog about so many aspects of wonderful designs that enhances our lives.

i saw a picture in my fav Australian home decor magazine InsideOut today and it really inspired me! so i am creating a speedy art project after i finish posting.

then i am creating playtime in the kitchen preparing some brocolli in the fridge for dinner.

i pre-expressed gratitude for a great night sleep, as i had not been sleeping well the last couple of night.

its Esther's birthday today! Happy Birthday Esther. hugs and kisses to you.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Gratitudes

Today I am so grateful for a wonderful government incubation program for small creative businesses. We had a lovely first meeting in our application to be an incubatee. The support that this program provides for the incubatees is akin to how Cinderella feels when her fairy godmother got her the outfit, the carriage and the driver to get her to the ball.

Today I am grateful for all the taxes I have paid in the prior years when I was an employee. I can see how certain visionary in the HK government is using tax payers dollars to support a creative future that can re-vision HK's edge and identity.

I am grateful for my husband who can sponsor me for my residency in this amazing little island city.

I am grateful for the wonderful meal Jon cooked for us tonight.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today i am grateful for...

1. Call from mum.
Her voice was so clear it felt like she was right next to me eventhough she is thousands of miles away.

2. Momo's love.
My eternal puppy who sat in my lap all day while I work.

3. Wanmei's mum
My best friend's mum who came to our "office" and made us a delicious lunch.

4. Miru
Our lovely and beautiful new intern who is bringing her light to our cosy office.

5. Rod
Who shared his noodles with me today.

6. Summer Fruits
Deeelish cherries for dessert

7. Wanmei
Cos she is my best friend and makes me laugh all the time

For un-stiffening me.

9. Email from Joyce
She is the lovelies flattie i ever had. And now we have again tracked down each other after 6 yrs.

10. Government Support for small business.
Especially during these challenging times.